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Equipment: Schenck New Horizontal Universal Balancing Machine
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Analytic Instrument
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Description: Horizontal universal balancing machine for rotors up to 50kg Rotor can be loaded easily from above using a crane. Compact in its outer dimensions, yet lots of room for large rotors. The belt drive can be adjusted to the correct rotor diameter in no time. The standard angle indexing display supports you for exact balancing Quick installation and simple implementation without foundations being necessary. It couldnt be easier. The protective enclosure is extremely easy to open and close offers a rugged C-class protective rating. CAB700 is universal and cost efficient basic measuring instrument for all standard balancing tasks. CAB920, the fifth generation of digital balancing technology, provides you with perfectly balanced rotors and simple operation. Quality ed in black and white. Product Specification The unique design of the PASIO50, goes beyond its simplicity and ease of use, to offer a completely new balancing system. Some of the features are more subtle, such as the integrated C-class enclosure that has been designed for one-finger operation and free from any pinch points for smooth, trouble-free balancing and complete operator safety. Other features are more prominent, such as a unique mineral casting design to provide superior damping characteristics and improve measuring results. A variety of new and unique featrues make the PASIO50 an ideal tool for precision balancing. The base, for example, has been completely redesigned and made of a modern mineral casting meaterial to provide superior damping characteristics up to 10 times more than cast iron and improve measuring results. The properties of the casting are perfect for unbalance measurement, and are less susceptible to interfering influences. The cast construction is also the basis for its compact design with all components easily accessible and integrated in the sturdy base.
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