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Equipment: Horizontal Balancing Machine
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Analytic Instrument
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Description: Horizontal balancing machine for the aircraft industry Modular design for various application options and drive systems Simple and secure operation Extensive protection and safety equipment for operators, machine and enviorment High measurement accuracy through digital measured data processing Product Specification Design Force-measuring, horizontal balancing machine with permanent calibration and manual oepration. The machine corresponds to SAE machine classification according to SAE ARP 4048: Rotor support in saddle bearings, microprocessor controlled measuring unit and optional protective enclosure ( protection class B or C) are specifically designed for the balancing tasks of th eaircraft industry. They are equipped with end and /or belt drive systems. A large range of accessories is available for expanded range of tasks. Range of application Series HL balancing machinery with saddle-bearing are specifically designed for balancing turbines and compressors in manufacturing and overhaul workshops in the aircraft industry. The modular concept allows adaptation to a wide range of balancing tasks through simple exchange of standard components, e. G. By supporting rotors with shaft journals on roller-bearings.
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